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Welcome to! At Spyglass Ridge Villas and Villas Antigua, we strive to create a friendly and open-hearted community where residents appreciate each other and their uniquely beautiful ocean-view neighborhood. We are committed to creating a welcoming and secure environment for all our Spyglass Ridge and Villas Antigua residents. Our website is a valuable resource that provides considerable information, such as board updates, newsletters, disaster preparation resources, event schedules, and other relevant information. 

Our community includes homeowners and tenants, with residents of all ages ranging from young adults to seniors in their 90s. We have 107 residences comprised of homes, townhomes, and condominiums. While some residents live in their homes year-round, others use them as vacation homes or rentals.

As a Home Owners Association (HOA) development, we have an elected Board of Directors that oversees the community's operation and well-being. Our governance documents, the Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CCRs), Bylaws, and Policies & Procedures, are essential to living in an HOA-run development. Our governance documents can be found can be found HERE.

Living in an HOA development offers numerous benefits. For instance, it helps maintain property values because residents are held accountable to deed restrictions, so homes and common areas are consistently managed and well-maintained. An HOA ensures that common areas, such as manicured lawns, freshly painted walls, functioning lighting, and paved streets, contribute to a pleasant neighborhood atmosphere. Additionally, the Spyglass Ridge Villas HOA maintains financial stability through reserve funds for future common area repairs and capital improvements, reducing the risk of imposing special assessments on residents. The existence of rules and regulations also serves as a deterrent to disruptive behavior. At the same time, architectural control preserves the community's aesthetic standards.

Again, at Spyglass Ridge Community, we strive to create a friendly and open-hearted community
where residents appreciate each other and the uniquely beautiful ocean-view neighborhood
we share.


Neighbors by chance, friends by choice!

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