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Find more information on how you and your family can be prepared for the next emergency.



Learn more about procedures and resources available during an emergency.



Find out about cleanup, 

assistance, and more about returning home post emergency.

In a disaster, it is important to be able to find the necessary information quickly and efficiently. The links above offer comprehensive real-time information and resources. Additionally, this downloadable Disaster Ready Guide is a great option for streamlined preparation information.

Disaster Preparedness

As a community, Spyglass Ridge Community faces various natural and human-made disasters, such as fires, earthquakes, nuclear threats, tsunamis, mudslides, and chemical spills. To ensure our safety, it's essential to ask some important questions:

1. Do I need to receive alerts during a disaster?
2. Do I need to identify the type of disaster?
3. Do I need to know if I should evacuate?
4. Do I need to know where to evacuate?
5. Do I need to know where to evacuate with my pets?
6. Do I need to know my specific neighborhood situation?

To prepare for disasters, follow these five steps:

1. Sign up for alerts.
2. Make a plan.
3. Pack a go-bag.
4. Build a stay box.
5. Encourage friends and neighbors to do the same.

We're not preparing for the end of days. Instead, we hope it will be like insurance policies that we purchase and never end up needing. Nonetheless, it’ll be reassuring to know that we have taken steps to protect our family and community in the event of a catastrophe.

Some of the pages on this website contain community information that is password-protected.

The link below will take you to the form to receive the necessary password.  

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